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Janus No 53 £12.99
Janus magazine London the shop is now closed but online sales are still possible.
Janus No 17 £10.99
The principles of punishment for PT.
Janus No 126 £14.99
Janus No 127 £14.99
Janus number 127 from 1998 featuring Double Take, Friends In High Places, Tutoring Miss Lillian, Taking It Lying Down, The Debutante and the Horsewoman.
Janus No 165 £15.99
Second to last Janus magazine ever published in hard copy.
Janus No 12 £9.99
Bottom of the class. Inspector Anderson's initiation.
Janus No 14 £12.99
A master and his maids.
Janus No 15 £14.99
Sweet Little Tina Walker. Visiting St Winifred's.
Janus No 42 £12.99
Permission to punish the uses of the rattan.
Janus No 43 £10.99
Lessons for an errant wife. Can the husband find the correct punishment.
Janus No 45 £11.99
High Class corporal punishment Janus 45 from 1995 featuring Wendy's training.
Janus No 49 £12.99
In this issue Janus return to Balcombe Manor.
Janus No 53 £14.99
A tale of two sisters.
Janus No 54 £9.99
Corrective instruction.
Janus No 55 £11.99
The final atonement.
Janus No 56 £10.99
Photographic evidence.
Janus No 57 £9.99
Gym class spanking. Secretaries taught a lesson.
Janus No 58 £9.99
The American spread eagle.
Janus No 60 £8.99
Metered punishment to one inch of tears.
Janus No 88 £12.99
My punishment mistress.
Janus No 115 £12.99
The Whips and Scorns of Time, Back To The 1930s.
Janus No 118 £9.99
Transgressor Caned, Washing Away Sin, Cinematic Spanking.
Janus No 120 £11.99
Stories in this issue: A Double Reckoning, The Awakening Of Alice Morgan, Guns & Beaters, Disadvantage Vicky, The Uniform.
Janus No 121 £7.99
The Casting C-Ouch, The Captains Table, A Winters Tale, Gina Traffic Warden.
Janus No 122 £8.99
1997 issue of Janus magazine. Stories: Retirement Day, General Fortunino's Conquest, Hoist By Her Own Petard, Annabel Air Hostess.
Janus No 123 £11.99
Janus by Pale Horse Ltd, 40 Old Compton St, London, W1V 5PB.
Janus No 125 £11.99
In this issue of Janus from 1998 the editor uses the opening page to speak about the amended School Standards and Frameworks Bill which as of May 1998 abolished the use of the cane in public schools.
Janus No 126 £9.99
In this issue: Travelling Massage, The Fordham Hunt, Nemesis Night, Uniform Series No 8, Classic Correction.
Janus No 129 £7.99
Military Discipline, A Novel Idea, The Two Faces Of Evie, The Expert, Encore Janus.
Janus No 134 £9.99
Mastering the Disciplines, The Bequest, The Essential Guide to Practical Corporal Punishment.
Janus No 136 £10.99
Dancing In The Dark, Bottom Of The Class, St Winifreds Revisited, Corrective Measures, Brief Encounter.
Janus No 137 £8.99
Double Fault, Ma Dobson's Punishment Parade, Rules Are Rules, A Victorian Present, Perfect Punishment.
Janus No 138 £12.99
Left Handed Serve, Four Pillars of Government, Victorian Present 2, The Pleasure Dome.
Janus No 142 £9.99
Three For The High Jump, The Old Newtonians, The Wedding, Delicious Peaches
Janus No 149 £12.99
Final Sanction, Sticks And Stones, 80s Photo File.
Janus No 150 £14.99
Tawse And Effect, Very Personal Secretary, Frisky French Au-Pair, The Gym Mistress.
Janus No 152 £10.99
The Lady and the Stable Girl, A Caning Career, Personal Training.
Janus No 153 £11.99
Loud And Clear, Secret Lives, The Waiting Game, Encore, The Devils Tunes, House Captain.
Janus No 154 £12.99
Dress Code, L'Ancien Regime, Reality Bites, Cane Kissed Bottoms, Reality Bites.
Janus No 155 £12.99
Dark Desires, Dancing With The Devil Cane Kissed Bottoms 2, Welcome Home Soldier On Leave.
Janus No 157 £9.99
House Rules Spick and Spanked. Short Cuts, The Hanbury Boyce Inheritance.
Janus No 167 £12.99
Gordon Sergeant pens a short editorial for this last issue of Janus published 2007.

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